New Patents granted for Khondrion’s mitochondrial disease lead compound KH176

NIJMEGEN, The Netherlands – Khondrion, a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focusing on small molecule therapeutics for mitochondrial diseases, announces today the grant of key patents in the United States of America (US 9,388,156 B2), Europe (EP 2872497) and Hong Kong (HK 15110180.2) providing protection for its library of chromanyl-derivatives compounds, including the lead clinical-stage KH176 for the treatment of mitochondrial related disease. The grant of these patents provides the company exclusive rights for KH176 and the other compounds of the library until at least July 2033.

“We are extremely satisfied with the granting of this important asset within our IP portfolio”, said Jan Smeitink, CEO of Khondrion. “The grant of these patents brings further recognition of the quality of the innovation being carried out by the Khondrion team. We are actively working on the development of our pipeline and additional level of protection of novel products is pending”.

The patented invention relates to novel chromanyl derivatives compounds among others useful for treating or preventing mitochondrial disorders and diseases or conditions associated with mitochondrial dysfunction such as Parkinson’s disease or adverse drug effect. The patents cover Khondrion’s lead and clinical stage molecule KH176.

About KH176

Khondrion’s KH176 is an orally bio-available small molecule developed by Khondrion for the treatment of mitochondrial (-related) diseases. The compound is a member of a new class of Khondrion drugs essential for the control of oxidative and redox pathologies. KH176 is currently evaluated in the KHENERGY study, a single-center, double-blinded, randomized, placebo-controlled 2-way cross over Phase 2 trial in patients with MELAS, MIDD and mixed phenotypes ( Identifier NCT02909400). Results of the Phase 2 trial are expected Q1-2018

About Khondrion

Khondrion, is a privately held clinical-stage pharmaceutical company focusing on developing small molecule therapeutics for mitochondrial (-related) diseases. The potential of several lead compounds to serve as new treatment modalities for mitochondrial disease is currently being explored. Khondrion’s KH176 has been granted Orphan Drug Designation (ODD) for Leigh disease and MELAS syndrome in Europe and for all inherited mitochondrial respiratory chain disorders in the USA. Khondrion has established a strong intellectual property position protecting its emerging product portfolio through the filing of multiple broad patent applications. For more information, please visit

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