Khondrion: targeted and highly innovative solutions for people suffering from mitochondrial diseases 


Within all cells of the human body, mitochondria act as a powerhouse – collectively producing energy that is essential for life. When these mitochondria are defective, the result can take the form of a wide range of serious and debilitating illnesses. People who suffer from a mitochondrial disease generally suffer from progressive, multi-system disorders for which there is no available cure. While they may present symptoms at any age - from birth to late adulthood, a substantial number of people suffering from mitochondrial diseases die at an early age. Leigh Disease, MELAS , Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy and Friedreich Ataxia are just a few examples of the ever-expanding group of mitochondrial diseases.

The Khondrion objective is to develop a cure for patients suffering from mitochondrial diseases. A team of eleven international highly experienced specialists are dedicated to realize this aim. We are pleased that Khondrion is financially strongly supported by foundations like the Stichting Energy4All, its partnerorganizations and national and international governmental bodies.